We Believe That Humans Are Capable of Creating A New Era of Human-machine Synergy, Integration, and Symbiosis.

Our Visions


Break the walls between data, documents, applications and business processes to optimize workflows through human-machine collaboration in specific scenarios.


Explore the frontiers of intelligent agents powered by large language models, reshaping business workflows by harnessing the expertise of the professionals through human-machine interaction.


Advance the evolution of the human-machine symbiotic ecosystems, empowering businesses to thrive in AI era.

Our Product

AI Powers Productivity

Our next-generation enterprise AI agent platform powered by large language models, enables machines to engage with users in natural, human-like conversations, understand and respond to inquiries and perform complex tasks.

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Our Company

Empowering Your Business with Leading AI Agents

Lanma Technology provides leading AI agent platforms built upon advanced large language models. Its team members hail from globally renowned tech companies including Google, IBM, Tencent, ByteDance, Alibaba and YITU.

Lanma Technology has pioneered to fill the gap of the intermediate layers of China's large language models, trailblazing in the country's exploration in the applications of large language models and AI agents. Powered by large language models, Lanma Technology has self-developed AskXBOT, an enterprise AI agent platform connecting the people and the system. The platform helps enterprises build super automation based on expert knowledge, improving business quality and efficiency.

Lanma Technology stands as a premier Chinese AI agent platform company, leading and contributing to multiple key AI standards initiatives under the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). It's a valued member of several prominent industry associations in China. Notably, it's the only AI agent company among the significant projects signed in Shanghai's Xuhui District in 2023.

Lanma Technology has secured tens of millions in series A funding from IDG Capital, New Alliance Capital and Atom Capital. It also has forged strategic partnerships with several listed companies and unicorn startups.

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Supplier of Choice for Applications of Large Language Models in China

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